Pilates/Yoga Wheel with Trigger Points

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Product Description:

Improve your yoga posture: The sports yoga wheel is designed to help you improve flexibility. Perform more difficult postures and perfect them. The sports yoga wheel will help you stretch your hips, abdomen, chest and back. It will massage your spine in a safe but deep way. For beginners, this is the perfect choice, as it will allow you to grasp back and hand support faster in a perfect form.

Perfect hand support to improve flexibility: If you have been trying to get support, but it seems unlikely to get support, the general exercise yoga wheel may be the missing part. Use the roller as a guide to learn your placement position and increase its core and arm strength, which will prepare you for perfect hand support. The yoga wheel can not only open your back, but also improve flexibility. It allows you to try advanced yoga asanas you might never dream of.

Rugged and durable: The sports yoga wheel has a durable, non-slip eco-TPE pad (3/4 inch thick) that provides a soft and comfortable feeling for the palms, shoulders, feet and back. The sturdy ABS is extremely strong, can support up to 500 pounds, and will not bend or bend under any circumstances. The sports yoga wheel is durable! There are 2 color combinations for the sports yoga wheel for your choice. I will love it!

Environmental protection, moisture-proof, no bacteria: TPE filler has moisture-proof technology, which makes the mat waterproof, keeping it moisture and sterile! Therefore, you can be sure that your yoga wheel does not contain musk

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Fitness wheel x1