Sprint Speed Trainer - 56 inch Parachute

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     New way of speed training

    How to quickly and safely increase the speed and acceleration of your run, the upgraded parachute will provide you with the perfect solution.

    Starting from a parachute training, the difficulty of training is gradually increased, the endurance of the leg muscles is continuously enhanced, and the acceleration is perfectly improved.

    More and more sports training speeds use parachutes, such as track and field, mountain biking, ice skating, basketball, football, soccer and other ball games. 


    1. The 56" parachute provides 15 to 33pounds of resistance.

    2. Adjustable belts are suitable for most sizes of waist.

    3. Snap-on interface, is plug and play, convenient and fast.

    How to use this product

    1. Remove the parachute from the storage bag and buckle the buckle of the umbrella body with the buckle of the belt. 

    2. Put the belt around the waist, fasten it with a quick buckle, and then adjust the size of the belt by adjusting the buckle. 

    3. Start running, as the speed test speeds up, the parachute will open to the maximum extent and the resistance will increase.

    4. When training, do not try to drag the parachute on the ground, which will damage the parachute.

    Product Specifications:

    Colour: Black

    Material: Polyester

    Diameter: Approx. 56 inch

    Adjustable Waist: Approx. 20-42 inch

    Double Umbrella: The belt and umbrella surface can be removed, and the independent belt can hang 3 umbrellas. The belt is buckled

    Name: Speed training resistance umbrella

    Specifications: 1.5m x 1.5m

    Material: layer cloth