ABS Crossfit gymnastics fitness rings with strap loops

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The rings are capable of holding up to 880lbs (400kg).
Supplied with extra long 14ft nylon straps for longer adjustment lengths.
High quality ABS plastic material, the rings are very robust and the bands are quite strong.
The advanced non-slip thread design keeps the rings stable, allows quick assembly, easy adjustment and light weight.
Portable and easy to set up; the straps are easily adjustable to meet your needs.
Unlimited bodyweight exercises that engage your muscles and your heart.
Ideal for push-ups, pull-ups, dips, body rows, iron cross, muscles, etc.
Challenge yourself with the muscle-up, a movement that works every muscle in your upper body.
Accessible to beginners, with gentle progressions towards more difficult skills
Pipe diameter of rings: 3 cm (1.18in)
Outer diameter of the rings: 24 cm (9.45in)
Nylon straps (L x W): 3 cm (1.18in) x 450 cm (14.76ft)
Maximum load: 880lbs (400kg)
Ring material: high quality ABS
Black color


Gymnastics rings 2x
2x high-strength nylon straps with quick-lock buckles