Rubber Resistance Bands

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Product Description:

The tension belt made of 100% natural latex, durable, strong resilience, long-lasting shape without deformation, suitable for anyone: pull assist with 5 resistance levels, exercise resistance can be relaxed or relaxed To adjust, you can also increase the challenge by combining multiple workouts. The auxiliary strap is suitable for anyone, be it a beginner, a fitness enthusiast, or an athlete,


Light pink: 600mm x 50mm x 0.35mm Pull value 5~10lb

Pink: 600mm x 50mm x 0.5mm Pull value 10~15lb

Rose red: 600mm x 50mm x 0.7mm Pull value 15~20lb

Deep rose red: 600mm x 50mm x 0.9mm Pull value 20~30lb

Purple: 600mm x 50mm x 1.1 mm Pull value 30~40lb

Package Content:

1 x Band