Portable Aqua Bag

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Product Description:
This portable weight bag can be filled with air & water making it ultra portable and in fact more effective than traditional weight bags!
The instability of the water activates more muscles groups as you keep yourself stable during workouts.
1. Turn on the faucet, and put 1/3 water into the bag at first.
2. Use the inflator to pump up the bag.
3. Verify the air tightness.
4. If everything is okay, put more water into the bag and pump up again.

Product material: 1MM thick environmentally friendly non-toxic PVC
Product Colour: Transparent

Dimensions & Weight Capacity
16cm x 75cm (15kg)
20cm x 75cm (25kg)
25cm x 75cm (37kg)
*Ink/Dye added for effect*

Note: This product does not contain any liquid pigments

Package Content:
1 x Bag